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A simple search on LinkedIn for the words marketing or marketer/marketeer results in 1.3 million profiles across the world.

In my experience, there has not been a place where we can go to get the support, resources, or information we need all in one place. Finding an EMS (Email management system) alone can take us to a dozen different websites.

For these reasons, I have concentrated this page to help all of you with whatever support you may need from finding the right aspect of marketing that is right for you, to getting the mentors and courses you need to get there with a clear path.

Whether you’re looking to switch gears to an area of Marketing as your new career or step up your game, this will be the place for you!


Getting Started

How does one become a marketer?

  • Formal Education/University
  • Self-taught
  • With the help of a Mentor
  • Test the waters while in your current position – Maybe you’re in sales but looking to move into the more writing/subtle persuasiveness that many marketers embody?

What are the most important things to know?

  • Customers are the only concerns that matter
  • See above

At least when it comes to marketing, the most important consideration is who you want to earn as customers. Do your research and get into the minds and lives of them to find out exactly what their needs are. Don’t focus your efforts on what company executives want unless they’re your target audience.

All Your Resources

  • Coursera – Everything from Beginner Marketing to Coding
  • Lynda – Over 800 courses just on Marketing
  • Codecademy – Coding only
  • Skillshare – Numerous aspects of creative and marketing courses
  • Google Academy – Learn all about the Google tools like Analytics and Tag Manager
  • Facebook Blueprint – Facebook’s ad academy
  • Alison – Varied but quite a few Marketing courses
  • Hack Design – Design courses
  • SuperHi – New company with web developer courses
  • Udacity – Almost all programming courses
  • Hubspot Academy – CRM company with a great reputation.
  • Edx – Digital Product Management
  • Shaw Academy – Writing, Digital Marketing, and even a “viral” marketing course



There are constantly new apps coming out that help marketers and business owners to make things easier to post, curate, and create! Here are the top ones of today:

  • Later – Most impressive to schedule Instagram posts
  • Repost – Copy Instagram URL to reshare (while ethically and often legally tagging the creator) others’ posts
  • WordSwag – Decorative text on background design
  • Snapseed – Instagram-style editing tool with adobe-style editing
  • Buffer – Along with their website they have a matching social scheduler app
  • Spark Post – ALL the designs you could want with beautiful adobe style but with their logo unless you upgrade.
  • InShot – Photo editor with collage, filters, and framing tools
  • Pixaloop – creates movement on a photo!
  • Story Maker Apps – List of 6 apps to create beautiful Insta or FB stories with
  • Xrecorder – Record your screen for tutorials
  • Ripl – Phone version of canva!

There are plenty more I have on hand if you need something more detailed, but these will be the most popular currently.

Articles/sites with even more lists of tools:

Free limited use:

Fees to use:

Social Media:




  • Ninjalitics – Insta or TikTok analytics
  • Moz tools – “Free tools for link building and analysis, keyword research, webpage performance, local listing audits, and more.”
  • Ubersuggest – Neil Patel’s tool for keyword research. *Bonus: It now also offers competitor domain comparison!
  • Hypersuggest – Search ranking keywords for questions, shopping, etc.
  • Schema.org – Plugins for Google search results like reviews
  • WordStream – Build Link Authority
  • BuzzSumo – Analyze topics and keywords
  • Sleeknote – Map your Keyword Research to the buyer’s journey
  • E-Commerce SEO Sleeknote – How to outrank competitors
  • Ahref – Keyword explorer
  • Google’s Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines – Be prepared, this is a 160 page pdf of the algorithm that defines search engine rankings



Overall Strategy:

  • Snappa – List of 31 on both business and Marketing podcasts
  • Marketing School – Neil Patel and Eric Sou
  • Marketing Over Coffee – Interviews, tech details, even movie tech; John Wall and Chris Penn
  • Building A Storybrand – Link is to an episode with Jay Baer on Word of Mouth Marketing
  • Revenue Marketing Radio – Pedowitz Group with interviews and other aspects adjacent like operations
  • Lion’s Share – Varied topics including SEO, Anti-trust, and sales
  • Social Media Examiner – This company keeps quite current with changes in SM, tips and ideas.
  • Buffer Podcast – Social media focused but good variants of topics from a SM scheduler company (ended in 2019 but still some evergreen info)
  • Earnworthy – Good variety of topics in general marketing
  • DigitalMarketing– Two different Podcasts from 4 different hosts

It’s always important to stay current with the direction your industry is going. Right now (May 2019), the most dominant up and coming aspect in my opinion is Artificial Intelligence. Here are a few articles with this info and more!

  • Forbes – Four Key Factors
  • DMN – 5 Trends shaping the future of Marketing

If there’s a category that’s not here that you feel would be helpful, or you have an addition for this list, email me or simply add the link below!

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