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You’ll discuss your needs and goals with your potential Marketing Mentor and determine if they will be a good match for you based upon any criteria you so choose. If they are not someone you want to work with, you will be set up with a different Mentor, no questions asked except to place you with a better fit!

You will be guided along your 6 month journey with tools, the rest of the Marketing community as support, and by your facilitator, Jennifer.

Pro Tip: Choose a mentor who is doing what you think you’d like to be doing in the future.

Your Experienced Mentors

Annie Borbotko
Anna Borbotko

Product Management​

When she started her career, she was lucky to have amazing managers that guided her throughout her career without realizing how important it was. When she started her entrepreneurial adventure, she wishes she had access to the right people for mentorship. Once she found those people, her journey became so delightful!

She is on an exciting mission. She wants to inspire, guide and equip passionate people with the necessary information and tools for their ideas, products and services to be successful. As part of her company (Dinology) she does workshops, trainings, and mentorship for start-ups. However, she often has to do similar tasks for teams within organizations of various sizes and she really enjoy doing it.

As a marketing professional, she specializes in product marketing, value proposition (certified by Harvard University), and leads conversion for both areas of B2B and B2C. Her superpower is squeezing out the most valuable and useful information and communicating it in a structured way that you can easily apply in practice.

She brings to the table a vast expertise of multinational companies as well as local start-ups. Industries she’s worked with: Entertainment, Telecoms, EdTech, SaaS, and Horeca.

Ilaria Severi
Ilaria Severi

Social Media, Content Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Goal setting, Online storytelling

Ilaria is an experienced Digital Strategist and Marketeer with a passion for helping brands understand the online marketing world and create effective communication strategies that can bring the target audiences from the awareness moment towards the bottom of the purchase funnel.

Currently working as a Marketing and Communication Manager at Creative Clicks, taking care of both on and offline communication with all stakeholders (including employees branding). Previously worked in Influencer Marketing and managed successful social media campaigns for brands such as McDonald’s, British Airways, Nexgard (Boehringer Ingelheim), P&G, LG, MMC, Disney, Scotch & Soda, Friesland Campina, Fiverr, Campo Viejo, The NYC Garment District Alliance.

Currently based in Amsterdam, Ilaria has lived in different countries and speaks 5 languages fluently.

She is a challenge-seeker, a team player and a go-getter. She is good at motivating and guiding people. She would love to help mentees find their career path or build the career path they are aiming for. School only teaches you some basic theories, but it does not teach you how to approach a job, how to organize your tasks nor teaches you the technicality of working in online marketing and social media. She has the knowledge and skill-set to help Marketers grow as a professional, to understand their strength and work on them and to get to know the secrets, the tactics, and the strategies about online marketing.

Sushil Krishna
Sushil Krishna

Growth Hacking​

Sushil is working in Growth & Digital Marketing with expertise in B2B lead & demand gen. He has worked with companies from startups to corporations on lead gen campaigns, inbound marketing campaigns and advanced funnel marketing automation projects for MQLs. His experience with creating a successful, growing Marketing Agency is his biggest gift to give a Mentee.

Previously, Sushil has worked on projects with Covalent Inc., Cogoport B.V, IBM. Elsevier, Wind Energy Solutions B.V (WES) on acquisition campaign executions, planning, and measurement side.

Ilga Becker

Search Engine Optimization​

Ilga is an SEO expert with 15+ years of experience in SEO, helping startups, small and medium sized companies with SEO strategies. She has been implementing and running workshops for small teams and big groups in two languages. She believes everything can be explained in a way that even a total beginner can understand.

Her motto is “Let’s simplify your SEO!“ and she loves matching her passion for creativity with her technical knowledge. In her spare time she likes to read fantasy books, sketch and paint, write letters and stories, travel, and spend time under trees and by lakes.

Monika den os
Monika den Os

Go to Market and Growth Marketing Strategy

Monika joined BiZZdesign in September 2020 and is responsible for leading the
marketing organization. As CMO, she loves educating the market and showcasing the incredible successes customers are having with BiZZdesign.

Monika has extensive knowledge of the IT Industry and held various marketing
leadership positions with tech unicorn OutSystems, Redsocks malware detection
startup company acquired by BitDefender, Nexenta the software defined storage solution acquired by DataDirect Networks.

Monika is a driven and passionate leader who is customer-centric and has a strong track record in building high performance teams, revenue growth and go to market strategies for new product technologies.

Olena Zhytnyk
Olena Zhytnyk

Data-driven marketing, Marketing research & analysis, and Consumer behavior

Olena has worked in Marketing and Business Development since 2001. Her core expertise is marketing research & analysis as well as strategic marketing. Her current experience in marketing includes strategic marketing management, business planning & development, market research, digital advertising and campaigns, and management of gamification / loyalty IT platforms development.

While having significant experience with clients representing multiple industries, at the moment she deepens her involvement into projects with companies that are looking into their customer base development and growth, while applying customer life-cycle management tools.

Her international experience includes projects for CEMEA, EU- and US-markets, while being based in such countries as Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and the Netherlands.

Sandrine Coosemans
Sandrine Coosemans

Facebook and Business Strategy

Sandrine runs her online business strategy company from her off-grid olive & almond farm in Spain. 
She has been helping small business owners grow their audience online since 2014, and has a particular passion for Facebook strategy. Facebook ads are not the main aspect of her strategies; she focuses on organic growth to attract customers or clients first.  Once a solid foundation has been built, Facebook ads are a great way to scale a strategy that’s already reaching the right people. 
These days, she helps online entrepreneurs create and implement a custom digital marketing strategy that will make them more money with less effort. That being said, she still loves helping other marketers make sense of Facebook and develop long-term strategies that aren’t subject to changes in algorithms. 
William Delaney mentor
William Delaney

Performance marketing, Strategy, Growth Hacking, and Communications

Anyone can be a marketer, but to be a successful one takes time, effort and above all a humblizing approach and understanding that there will always be someone better than you. But this is no excuse to give up, it should be the driving force for you to reach out and gather as much information from here, there and everywhere.

As an experienced communications and marketing professional, he will share some of the inner hacks with you to make your life that little bit less of a struggle. He can open your eyes to conceptual thinking, strategy planning and communications.

Grounding you with the fundamental skills to drive success in your career, in a non-complicated manner, he will teach you how to transfer information to those less savvy with marketing jargon and to communicate with the business as a whole. He believes in a friendly chat style of learning, where you enjoy what we’re discussing.

Nerina Mills
Nerina Mills

Paid Ads

Nerina has been working within the online marketing sphere for over 6 years. She has worked within various industries such as non-profit, beauty, tech, ecommerce, retail, construction, and B2B. For the past 4 years she has been working as a freelance marketing consultant within South Africa and Europe. She offers the full stack of online marketing services, however specialises in paid ads – Google Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Bing, Instagram.

She has a heart for teaching and would love to mentor trainees and share what she’s learnt in the industry. The online marketing industry is ever-changing and there is so much to learn from one another. Having been involved in previous mentor programs, both personal and professional, she’s always found that they are so useful for personal growth.

Gözde Otman
Gözde Otman


In 2007, Gozde got her BA, Visual Communication Design in Istanbul, Turkey. Following university, she completed 1 year Master of Visual Design program in Milan, Italy.

Since she graduated, she’s worked as an entrepreneur in Photography field. Between 2010-2016, she owned and ran an Old Time Photography Studio. During these years, she also worked as a wedding and event photographer. Lately, she works on Portrait and Branding Photography.

She loves creating visual content for her own business and for others. She would be happy to help the ones who want to learn how to build a structure and create consistency for their business visuals.

Founder - Jennifer
Jennifer Nunez

Strategy and Social Media

I graduated in 2011 with my Bachelor’s in the US in Business and Marketing. Since then (10 years already?!), I’ve worked with both 1-5 person companies up to an international corporation and everything in between.

For the last 4 years I’ve worked as a self-employed entrepreneur, primarily with Small Businesses, to help them solidify a successful Marketing Strategy, copywriting, and Social Media Marketing to help them grow and be seen in the busy marketplace.

My passion is helping people. It’s why I built this community and why I want to mentor committed learners to improve their career trajectory!

If your mentor is not here just yet, please fill out this form so we can get to know you, and we will add you to the list to email with updates on events, new mentors, and more!