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Having a mentor means having someone not only help you through the difficult Marketing challenges you have, but keeping you accountable to help you achieve your goals!

Each expert is currently working in the field in the day to day tasks of the desired skills you’re seeking to achieve. They will be your guide and coach-like partner through your journey.

You’ll choose your ideal mentor to guide you through 6 months of up to 4 hours per month on your chosen goal and receive support – by the community, your host (Jennifer), and your mentor – throughout the entire process to ensure your success!

You’ll gain access to exclusive Slack Channels in the membership community as well as all Training Membership benefits.

Join the Marketer Training Membership

Twice a month (on break for Summer 2020) we hold online training sessions especially for Marketers to understand the ins and outs of all things Marketing. Topics vary from Design thinking to Data analysis and the experts teaching you are working in the field so they help you through all of the most up-to-date ways to do your job best.

Boost your skills, learn from the experts, and get personalized advice in this membership – all while joining a Slack community of others with the same mindset and goals as you!

This members-only community will also allow you to view all previous training recordings and all access to future sessions.

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