About GEMs

What is Growth Empowered Marketers?

Growth Empowered Marketers (GEMs) is a community built on support.

We are creating a community of Marketers who support each other and raise the bar for each other. We’re about learning, growing, and even teaching – no matter the level.

This is a growing community which includes trainers/experts, Marketers, and mentors for every kind of Marketer! Our industry is constantly changing. Having people to discuss those changes and learn from them is what makes this community special.

What is the GEM Dream?

The goal is to have discussions, answer or ask questions, and ultimately help each other in this constantly changing Marketing career journey.
Get the support you need, regardless of your experience, education, current position or otherwise. This is a group to learn, help each other, share learned lessons, explore new tools, and so much more.

About the Founder

Founder - Jennifer

Jennifer Nunez founded this community because of the truly supportive community found in Amsterdam and throughout Europe. As an expat from the US, she’s seen how competition within our colleagues hinders growth so in order to cultivate our helpful natures, this community was borne.

Having 9 years’ experience in the Marketing industry, she is a copywriting and Strategy expert whose desire to build something to help people new to the industry has been sparked. Without having had any help early in her career, the drive to ensure no one is left to do what she had to do, never happens again.