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As Marketers (and many other industries), we’re often taught to be competitive in our careers instead of lift each other up. Once you advance in your career however, you realize you couldn’t have achieved what you did without a bit of help. Learning every day and being in a constant state of ‘beginner’ is how you can truly advance!

Marketers Supporting Marketers

see all the ways you can


Getting together - in person or online - with other Marketers

We are each skilled in various different niches, specialties, and experiences. The support of each other is vastly important to lift each other up in our careers.


Online sessions for Marketers to up-level a specific skill

From setting up Facebook ads to designing a great Influencer Strategy to using data to get great results. Join a training session designed for European Marketers to learn practical tips.


One on one relationship with an expert in your desired field

You’ll get one on one time with a Marketer who works in the field. There are amazing Mentors who have committed to building a relationship with you in your or an aspiring specialty.

What can a mentor do?

Marketing is a funny industry. We learn so much, and yet so much is constantly changing. Research shows the difference a Mentor can make:

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of Fortune 500 companies have mentoring programs. (Centre for Workplace Leadership 2016).

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of those mentored, go on to mentor themselves contributing to a culture of learning and mentoring.

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of participants in mentor programs are more likely to achieve their goals by being held accountable.

Identify and achieve career goals

Be encouraged and empowered

Develop mentoring and coaching skills

Increase your salary potential

Fill gaps in skills and knowledge

Have access to a
role model

Increase career opportunities

Increase your rate of promotion

Increase your confidence

Gain insight into desired career

Develop networking skills

Develop broader perspectives

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Marketer's reviews

Gessica Lucci

I have been joining Jennifer’s training sessions for a long time now and I love them.

I find them easy to follow, rich in value and a great opportunity to network too.

The professionals are very prepared and very friendly at the same time, hence the interaction is always smooth. I really get a lot out of these sessions, hopefully Jennifer will keep on organising them. Thanks!

Lina Diaz

GEMs has been such an amazing learning platform where I was able to have insightful information about social media marketing and marketing in general.

I decided to take lessons with Ilaria who was an incredible teacher who helped me figure out a handful of questions I had. She will give you all the knowledge she has in order for you to learn and be successful.  I really recommend this platform and Ilaria 😊